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SBB-CFF Swiss railways

Look up train schedules here:

Earliest connections from Mont-Soleil to the Swiss airports:

Departure Mont-Soleil at 6:25

  • Arrival Geneva Airport 8:54
  • Arrival Basel Airport 8:51
  • Arrival Zurich Airport 8:42
  • Arrival Berne Airport 8:39

Monday-Friday (Saturday one hour later, Sunday two hours later)

Latest connections from the Swiss Airports to Mont-Soleil:

Arrival Mont-Soleil at 23:44

  • Departure Geneva Airport 21:02
  • Departure Basel Airport 21:07
  • Departure Zurich Airport 21:13
  • Departure Berne Airport 21:18

Friday and Saturday (Sunday-Thursday 3 hours earlier!)

The Décentrale is just a two minutes walk away from the Mont-Soleil station.

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