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Karakolas - Group purchasing software

In Spain and other places, the number of “Grupos de consumo” is increasing steadily. These are asociations of people that join their shopping baskets so that they can order their food directly from the local farmers, taking into account ecological, social and other criteria.

This increase in number opens the possibility of coordination between the groups, but this must be done in a way that respects each groups' right to choose and its workflow. Many groups have a long tradition and in many of them the tasks are rotate among all members equally, with many non-technical people managing web tools.

Our proposal is karakolas: a web application for management and coordination of “grupos de consumo” that grows with the use from several of these groups. In order to give these groups all waranties: - we release the code as free software - we offer information and support for those groups that want to use their own installation of karakolas - we design our code so that it can talk to other similar applications (such as aixada), or to other installs of karakolas, so that managing your own data in your personal installation of your favorite software is not an obstacle for coordinating with other groups.

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