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Glocal Matters Media Association

“Reliable news in unreliable times”

Glocalisation is the decentralising of globalisation by putting the power back into the hands of the people locally! Glocal issues matter to us all on this planet if we are to figure out where we are going collectively as human society on Earth.

“Glocalisation” is about the interconnection between global issues and the local context and vice versa with a bottom up approach.For example global warming or genetically modified foods in the context of local farming output,ethics and/ quality. Glocal matters are interconnected and therefore relevant to us all.

Our vision is to be a reliable source of news and information in unreliable times! We want to invite members,readers,listeners and watchers to participate in this process of creating an ethical non bias source of good news. This is a creative commons platform where everyone can publish relevant content. It is a collaborative community.

Glocal Matters publishes up to date news on its 24-7 Solidarity Radio.It also publishes a quarterly newspaper on and offline with current daily blogs fed by its members and editors as an independent media source.

Get involved now : or listen in to our radio:

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