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The Décentrale is a venue and co-working space where local residence from nearby communities as well as live-in co-creators from all parts of the world self-organise their activities and share skills, resources and ideas in a self-empowered culture inspired by permaculture principles, applied to all aspects of life. We help structure and coordinate the building up of this culture and of its economic activities, between the people and projects working together, inside the Synergiehub network and throughout the world.

The use of the Décentrale property is gifted to the Coopérative Décentrale by the Permavillages Association. The cooperative is responsible for the administration of the property, to enable a self-empowered and effective use in keeping with the intentions of the founders.

Becoming a member

The cooperative does not currently charge a membership fee, nor a fee for becoming a member, nor does membership come with an obligation to purchase shares of the cooperative.

If you want to participate in and benefit from the structures the cooperative is setting up, and hence want to become a member, please get in touch and let us know, so we can follow up with you for that.

Cooperative Shares

The cooperative aims to enable members to voluntarily purchase shares. With that capital, it would provide the Permavillages association with a free mortgage, which in turn enables Permavillages to continue to offer the Décentrale property to the cooperative for free use.

The cooperative is looking for funds of minimum 250 CHF and maximum 100'000 CHF. This is currently in the planning phase and has not been set up yet, but if you would be interested to temporarily park money in an ethical way through this mechanism, please do get in touch now!

Contact information

Coopérative Décentrale
Mont-Soleil 59
2610 Mont-Soleil

+41 32 941 41 41

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