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Welcome to the Décentrale


Decentrale will provide Coffee & Tea. Individuals and groups are responsible for managing their food supply and self organizing around cooking, shopping and storage.

Kitchen, Diet & Dining

Food and cooking is self-organized amongst the current participants. Cooking and eating together is encouraged and so is cleaning/washing up after meals and making sure the kitchen, surfaces, dining and living areas are left clean, organized and clutter free at the end of the day. Through past consensus dialogues, it was decided that as a best practice the kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, pots and pans of the house should be Vegan.

Dairy products (milk & cheese), can be consumed in the house as long as the other participants consent to this, so reach consensus with the other house participants before bringing any of these products into the house. Ensure that cooking, eating, washing, packing away dishes and cleaning floors and surfaces in the kitchen is done before 21:00, so as not to create disturbances for others resting.

  • Clean the dining areas, all kitchen surfaces, the oven and sweep the floor after cooking/eating, so others can use these areas.
  • Wash, dry and pack away all the dishes after eating, so others will have an easy time finding/using things.
  • Do not leave leftover food in pots or pans, transfer them to bowls, so others can use the pots/pans.
  • Store all ingredients, bread etc. in designated areas and leave the countertops empty, so others can use them.

Seasonal Produce -

Garbage & Recycling Map

PET, glas, aluminum foil and cans belong in the recycling (by the fire house near the tennis). Newspaper and magazines, as well as carton boxes, we collect and bring down to the community recycling area in St-Imier. Other plastic, paper and cartons belong in the garbage. Black garbage bags always need to go into yellow bags that cover the garbage tax. Please do not leave any full garbage bags outside overnight as we have a resident Fox who enjoys its midnight snack.

Exit through the back gate and follow the directions. Large ‘Yellow’ garbage bags go in the large concrete containers and the rest in the designated recycling bins.

Electronics & Adapters

We currently have one work station available for common use, but as the resident concierge uses this for administration purposes, please ensure that you bring your own electronics. Adapters will be made available should you forget yours or could not bring one along and a deposit is required to make use thereof.


Self empowerment towards housekeeping means that Synergiehub participants must self organize around cleaning, making sure that dishes are washed, dried and packed away after every meal, ingredients stored in designated areas, that all surfaces are cleaned, and floors swept/mopped, so others can also use or enjoy the space. Participants will also self-organize around the cleaning of the bathrooms, toilets, work rooms and other living spaces, ensuring that other participants find a clean shower, toilet, basin, floor etc.

You will find cleaning equipment on your floor in the closet marked according to the floor maps below. Keep all your personal belongings in your room, remove belongings from the bathrooms after use and store coats, shoes, towels and other items in the designated areas and return furniture and other items in the house/garden to their designated areas after use.

Ensure that you always cover your mattress, duvet and pillow with the linen provided in the bed linen closet on ‘floor 2’ (see floor maps below) before using the beds.

If you are in a group, before leaving please remove the bed linen and wash/hang it in the laundry room. Individuals visiting can leave their used bed linen next to the washing machine on the left, if the machine is empty, so as not to waste energy on an empty machine and a small amount of laundry. If there is dirty laundry on the left of the machine, you can add that to your laundry to fill the machine.

Chores for longer stays or groups

Here is the weekly (every Tuesday) chore list for the Décentrale. Participants are asked to self-organize around cleaning and maintaining the house. Workshop, Course or Project groups are asked to run through this chore list before they depart if necessary.

*The order of doing stuff allows for efficiency, as you don't want dust and other stuff ending up on the floor after you already cleaned it. So from the top to the bottom is advised. Not everything is always necessary, so only that which you believe deserves attention.

1. Dust, clean & wipe all surfaces with a damp (not wet cloth, especially wood). - Shelves, Cabinets, Counter Tops, Kitchen Tops, Oven inside & outside, Fridge inside & outside, Desktops, Laptops, Keyboards and anything else you deem necessary.
2. Clean windows & mirrors.
3. Clean toilets, basins, showers, shower walls, empty & clean bins, replace toilet paper.
4. Sweep staircase as it is a hard to reach area with the vacuum cleaner.
5. Vacuum floors & couches etc. - Remove and replace couch covers in living room.
6. Mop any tiled floors & use a slightly damp (not wet) mop on the wooden floors.
7. Replace kitchen towels with fresh ones & wash and hang any laundry that has piled up next to the washing machine
8. Water the plants (2 glasses tall plants/1 glass medium plants/half a glass Cacti).
9. Enjoy

Rooms, Yurt & Tipi

Be considerate towards other participants in the shared dormitories. In your room you will find a few guidelines towards maintaining a comfortable temperature in your room and the rest of the house and in order to conserve energy and reduce waste. Do not leave windows or balcony doors open longer than 10 minutes.

Ensure that no candles are used anywhere in the house or in any of the exterior living quarters, such as the Yurt, Tipi etc., because of fire hazards. When enjoying the fireplace or lighting fires outside, make sure they are extinguished before you retire.

To ensure energy savings, turn off all the lights in the house before you retire, apart from the small kitchen light above the kettle.

The house is strictly non-smoking, that includes the balconies, Tipi, Yurt, Caravan and other living areas, apart from the terrace adjacent to 'workshop 2'. Smoke outside.

Always use the bed lined provided for the beds. Do not use sleeping bags or sleeping sacks in the house and do not remove these items from your luggage or backpack as it can cause a 'bed bug' infestation.

Do not remove any mattresses, bedding or other items from the house. If you will be making use of the Yurt or Tipi, bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

Narcotics & Disturbances

No problems with drugs are tolerated. Getting into an argument about it counts as a problem and the drugs must go. When in doubt whether something is a drug or not, it's a drug.

Hostile and aggressive behavior (verbal abuse, threats, bullying, harassment, mobbing, shouting etc.) towards other participants will not be tolerated. If the resident concierge tells you that you have to pack and go immediately, you have to pack and go immediately. No discussion. You can later arrange for an appointment to discuss what happened, how to rectify the situation and whether to go on.

Working Hours & Rest

As the Decentrale allows for a diverse group of individuals participating, we consider it a best practice to maintain quiet in the house from 21:00 - 07:00. During this time you are of course free to use the kitchen and other areas (please no cooking after 21:00), but please ensure that you consider your fellow participants who might be resting or sleeping and that you leave areas clean, clutter-free and organized for other participants, before retiring and that you don't leave behind any personal belongings.

Close the doors of the living room, kitchen and ‘workspace 1’ if you use these spaces after 21:00. See floor maps below. Refrain from using ‘workspace 2’ after 21:00, as there are dorm rooms adjacent to this workspace. If you will be working late, use 'workspace 1'. See floor maps below.

If you are planning a social gathering involving music or other activity that could create a disturbance for some, ensure that you have everyone's consent. Close the doors of any spaces you are using after 21:00, to reduce disturbances for others who are resting.

Do not sleep in the living room, dining room or other social spaces. Sleep in the dormitories only. If your group needs extra space for sleeping then 'workshop 1' can be used for this purpose, but make sure that this space is available from 07:00 and clutter free.

Switch off all the house lights if you are the last one retiring, apart from the small kitchen light above the kettle.

Financial Contributions

The rates for using the Décentrale co-working space is 16.- per day, which includes a sleep over, if available (or 8.- for a short visit of a few hours). As a regular you can become a fellow and get reductions on these rates. These rates do not apply to participants who are sponsored by organisations who settle contributions with the Décentrale on their behalf.


Funicular times

A = Monday-Friday except general holidays
X = Monday-Saturday except general holidays
D = Friday, Saturday except general holidays
E = Saturday, Sunday and general holidays, from March 26 to October 29

Train Schedules


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House Layout


Floor 1

Workspace 1 - 10 people
Dining Area - 25 people

Floor 2

Room 1 - 5 Beds
Room 2 - Concierge + 1 Bed
Workspace 2 - 25 people

Floor 3

Room 3 - 3 Beds
Room 4 - 5 Beds
Room 5 - 5 Beds

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