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Health, mental health, applied ethics

Edible and medicinal wild plant workshops

During spring and autumn we organise weekend courses on the Décentrale property where you can learn about edible and medicinal wild plants. See the Stages des plantes sauvages comestibles et médicinales page for more details.


The Décentrale is a vegan project and venue. Not only are all the meals prepared for/by workshop participants always vegan, but vegan ethics are an important base line in all project activities. Apart from the health benefits of a vegan diet, we in our work on applied ethics make the case how full mental health must lead to vegan practices and that vegan ethics are a prerequisite for a fair ecosystem also in the realms of governance and economics.

Philosophical practice

A working group that aims to organize meetings to reflect on themes of applied philosophy, in order to try to answer questions such as, what is right and moral for the fields of animal ethics, bioethics, environmental ethics, business, law and justice, politics, governance systems, etc. The focus is on the applicability of the theories and the group also aims to reflect on how to move from theory to action and put into practice what is discussed.


Through the many workshops on all the domains of permaculture that have taken place at the Décentrale over the past years since 2014, we have become aware of the high prevalence in society of schizophrenic and psychopathic mind sets that will have to be overcome when transforming society towards a fair ecosystem.

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