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Synergiehub communication channels

The primary method of communication apart from groups gatherings either at the Décentrale property or via video in Zoom is through Telegram messaging. Please schedule gatherings in Openki and for all other communication, use Telegram.

If you haven't already, sign up to Telegram on

Auto-join group

Groups you can join

Just type something like “join [group name]” in the main group and a fellow human being will add you to the desired group (Most groups do not allow you to join through a direct invite link in order to prevent spam) (…and yes, a bot for this would be nice, but nobody has gotten around to set one up yet)

  • Décentrale
  • Décentrale Residents
  • Permavillages
  • Synergiehub Assemblies
  • Synergiehub Translations
  • Synergiehub écolieu
  • Glocal Newsroom
  • FairCoop
  • Freedom Coop
  • FairCoop Jura
  • FairCoop Bern
  • FairCoop Switzerland
  • Social Currencies
  • Permavillage Mont-Soleil
  • Tinyhouse and renovation worker coop group
  • Autonomous Housing
  • MLC Jura
  • GAS 2016
  • FairIncome
  • Fairness Without Borders
  • Multicurrency Ecosystem
  • Cooperativist Society D14
  • FairCoop Design & Usability
  • FairCoop en Castellano
  • FairCoop Technical
  • FairCoin CVN operators
  • FairCoop Media & Communication
  • Freedom Coop admin
  • Freedom tech
  • Kamasi Programmers (unified code base behind OCP)
  • FairPay Betatesting
  • Bank of the Commons
  • Bank of the Commons - Welcome (for newbie questions)
  • BC communication (Bank of the Commons)
  • Faircoop em português
  • Fairmarket Lab
  • FairCoop Local Nodes
  • Phonecoop Management
  • FairCoop Assemblies group
  • FairCoop Education
  • Global Challenge
  • FairCoop Makers
  • FairMarket Management
  • FairCoop Welcome group (for newbie questions)
  • Community Software Interoperability
  • Greek producers to export
  • FairCoop Integral Health Issues
  • FairCoop/FreedomCoop Ask us everything (for newbie questions)
  • FreedomCoop economical management
  • Liechtenstein Webcollective
  • Fairmarket Assemblies
  • St-Imier 2022
  • FairCoop off-topic
  • Faircoop local nodes and physical materials
  • Faircoin economy strategies
  • Faircoin social media coordination
  • Fairbnb
  • FINA
  • Bank of the Commons Tech
  • Hemp Oil (bio diesel project)
  • FC Open Coop Work (FairCoop work sharing model development)
  • Edible Forest Garden

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