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Schedule 2020

7-12 January: GNU meeting

22-23 February: Weekend Stratégie Amis de Caux

28 February-1 March: Allmende-Treffen

4 March: Fundraising Workshop

25-26 March: Crimethinc Workshop, on book tour for “From Democracy to Freedom - The Difference Between Government and Self-Determination”

St-Imier 2020 summer gatherings, June 25 - August 26

Note: Spaces for participation are limited due to Corona SARS-2 restrictions! (Request a space!)

25 June to 15 July: Initiatives of Change
(To request an invitation:

25 June: Lifelong learning for a resilient economy

26 June: A moral renewal in the economy

1 July: Anticipating the security risks of land degradation and climate

2 July: Community Action: entry-point to holistic solutions

3 July: Climate Finance: catalyst of holistic solutions

4 July: Open Space and Initiatives Fair: showcase your solutions

9-15 July: Creative Leadership, Together for Change: for everyone who wants to be active in making change in society

17-31 July: Fair Ecosystem Gathering
(To request an invitation:

1-7 August: Translocal Governance - Confederation Without Borders
(To request an invitation:

8-18 August: SCI Wikipedia Camp (Sign up on:

18-26 August: Democratic confederalism retreat

Autumn 2020 program

5-6 Septembre: Stage des plantes sauvages comestibles et médicinales; reconnaître et cuisiner des plantes sauvages comestibles et médicinales. (Inscription:

23-25 September: Team retreat and practice space collaboratio

26-27 Septembre: Stage des plantes sauvages comestibles et médicinales; apprendre à confectionner des pommades et teintures mères à partir de plantes médicinales. (Inscription:

2-5 October: Jineologî academy retreat

16-18 October: Queer-feministische Bezugsgruppe Basel retreat

1st November: Online synergy radio concept workshop. Signe up via mail at:

20-21 November: Amis de Caux retreat

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