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 +====== Common tools to use ======
 +When working together at the Synergiehub and participating in projects at the D√©centrale,​ it is important that we **use the Synergiehub tools**:
 +  * Stays and visits are announced using the Synergiehub website'​s [[https://​​reserve-stay.html|Reserve a stay]] form.
 +  * Communication flows through the Synergiehub Telegram group.
 +  * Events and workshops are added to the Synergiehub calendar in [[https://​|Openki]].
 +  * Project work is documented on the Synergiehub Wiki.
 +  * Things that are to do are added as a card in the Synergiehub Trello board.
 +  * Documents are stored in Synergiehub NextCloud.
 +  * Proposals are shared and discussed in the Synergiehub Loomio group.
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