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 ====== Open Collaborative Platform ====== ====== Open Collaborative Platform ======
-OCP was forked from NRP-Sensorica to use and work for FREEDOM COOP. The foundation, data modeland lot of the basic logic come from thereThere'​s ​some doc in the wiki:+OCP (Open Collaboration Platform) is Freedom Coop's fork of the existing ​NRP Value Network software used for the Sensorica projectwritten in Python/​Django. 
 +Here's the code: https://​​FreedomCoop/​valuenetwork 
 +Here's the test installation:​ https://​​ 
 +Here are bunch of tutorials, mostly about the previous software: https://​​accounting/​tutorials/​ 
 +Here'​s ​xavip2p 's install ​doc: https://​​FreedomCoop/​valuenetwork/​blob/​master/​docs/​install_ocp_debian_apache_ssl.rst 
 https://​​FreedomCoop/​valuenetwork/​wiki https://​​FreedomCoop/​valuenetwork/​wiki
 Here are a set of slide decks about NRP: Here are a set of slide decks about NRP:
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 Here's another recent one about the data model: Here's another recent one about the data model:
 https://​​presentation/​d/​1cMDVLAfV6JLBZA-0kHmKcAWfsm68AL6mPQMvrVKGyVA/​edit?​usp=sharing https://​​presentation/​d/​1cMDVLAfV6JLBZA-0kHmKcAWfsm68AL6mPQMvrVKGyVA/​edit?​usp=sharing
 +Mikorizal software: http://​​software.html
 +This is also what is intended to be used for ecosystem
 ===== How to get involved ===== ===== How to get involved =====
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