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 +====== - Network as a Commons ======
 +What is?
 + is a Telecommunications Networks as a Commons.
 +In, users promote and invest in telecommunications infrastructure that ensures Internet quality access at a just price.
 + network is open, free and neutral to avoid restrictions on content and technology.
 +Anyone can be a user of, a network infrastructure that is part of a Commons.
 +The network uses best available techologies,​ radio and optical fiber, with connections up to 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Internet interconnections.
 +In 2008, users founded Foundation, which objective is work for Network as Commons, develping and applying an economic model basen on management infrastructure as a Commons Pool Resource and Collaborative Economy.
 + Foundation is a NGO for Development,​ a telecommunications operator ans Volunteer organitzation. ยท Last modified: 2017/02/18 09:30 by zumbrunn