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 http://​​sites/​default/​files/​misc-file-upload/​files/​Democratic%20Money%20and%20Capital%20for%20the%20Commons%20Report.pdf http://​​sites/​default/​files/​misc-file-upload/​files/​Democratic%20Money%20and%20Capital%20for%20the%20Commons%20Report.pdf
 +Our contribution,​ to that end, consists of combining Universal Basic Income (in its true, abolitionist sense) and Anarchic Currencies (currencies known today as "​cryptocurrencies",​ since anarchic, stateless currencies first appeared as peer-to-peer distributed ledgers that employ public-key cryptography). We combine those by proposing the Democratic Money Network: a loosely-coupled network of cryptocurrencies which provide a basic income of one (1) unit of themselves per dey per person that each cryptocurrency operator can uniquely identify, using whatever resources and technologies are available for them.
 http://​ http://​
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