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 ====== Constellation Model of Collaborative Governance ====== ====== Constellation Model of Collaborative Governance ======
 +The Constellation Model is a complexity-inspired governance framework for multi-organizational collaboration. It is a way of organizing a group of interested parties to meet a need without having to create a new organization to ‘hold’ the issue. It is a tool to help us recognize and become conscious designers in a complex ecosystem of organizational collaboration.
 http://​​constellationmodel http://​​constellationmodel
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   * [[https://​​open?​id=0B6OkH_PbZ5jmcmktX0ctc3J6N1U|Constellation Model Description June 9'​06.pdf]]   * [[https://​​open?​id=0B6OkH_PbZ5jmcmktX0ctc3J6N1U|Constellation Model Description June 9'​06.pdf]]
   * [[https://​​open?​id=0B6OkH_PbZ5jmaG0wZVBxQmVjR2s|constellation and open source article september08_osbr.pdf]]   * [[https://​​open?​id=0B6OkH_PbZ5jmaG0wZVBxQmVjR2s|constellation and open source article september08_osbr.pdf]]
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